Key Words to Lead By in 2017

In this age of LinkedIn and Google, much is made of ‘key words’ for search engine optimization. I have found that key words can act as ‘navigational beacons’ in optimizing my leadership. ‘Words to lead by’ do more to keep me on the right path than the New Year’s resolutions that I’ve made (and soon broken) in past years.

What are your ‘key words to lead by’ in 2017?

For this new year, I have chosen ‘energy’, ‘clarity’ and ‘focus’.

Energy is fundamental. It is what makes me come alive. ‘Exuberant energy’ gives me the ability to persist in the face of challenges, to bounce back after setbacks, and to perform at my best no matter what life may throw at me.

Clarity on what I care most about is essential to my sense of purpose. No one knows what 2017 will bring. But with clear eyes and consistent intentions I’ll stay on course.

Focus is a critical skill for me in a world of seductive distractions. I’m curious about everything and therefore, I can drift off course chasing the latest ‘shiny object’. Focus enables me to execute on what’s most important and say ‘no’ or ‘not now’ to everything else.

Interested? Try this exercise for yourself.

  1. Brainstorm a list of words that resonate for you – at a gut level. Here’s a few to start:

Accept                         Embrace                     Gratitude                    Love

Catalyze                      Empower                    Grow                           Patience

Challenge                   Engage                         Heal                            Perform

Connect                       Explore                       Inspire                        Relationships

Create                         Forgive                         Learn                           Serve

  1. Select those key words that will serve as ‘navigational beacons’ for you.
  1. Pick three that you can use to optimize your leadership choices in 2017 – where to put your attention, spend your time, who to hang out with, and what battles to wage.
  1. Let these words guide you. Make it a daily practice. Check your choices against these words.

Let your key words guide you to being the very best leader you can be in 2017!