I hate it when people respond to my “thank you” with “no problem”.  Just drop the slang and say “you’re welcome” has always been my point of view.

But “no problem” is starting to grow on me. I’m beginning to really appreciate the mood behind those words. A mood based on the idea that serving you is my pleasure. As in, I don’t see a “problem”. I just see a chance to help you. To make your day. To turn your challenge into a positive experience.

Service with a “no problem” attitude is a practice of exuberance. 

Try it out. Every time someone greets you with a request or a complaint today, respond with “no problem”. Then take care of it with a smile.

Try “no problem” every time you get interrupted. Deal with whatever has to be taken care of in the moment and then go back to what you were doing.

Try it every time things don’t go the way you expected. “No problem.” Look for the silver lining in the unwelcome surprise.

Let “no problem” be your secret weapon against all the forces trying to steal away your exuberance. Spread your good mood and watch as your own complaints become “no problem” to someone who helps you.

Did you just say “thank you” for my help?

No problem.