According to Dame Nicole Brandon, the key to sustaining our exuberant energy is to continue, as adults, to “reach”.  To be curious.  To explore things out of our comfort zone.  To constantly break our daily routine.

Nicole is a most extraordinary example of “reaching”.  Not only is she an actor, dancer, speaker, and radio and television host, but she is also a contortionist and aerial performer, a black belt martial artist, and CEO of Artistry in Motion.

In a recent conversation, I asked her about the source of her exuberant energy.  Her first reply was to remind me of what we all do naturally as infants and young children.  We reach.  We reach out to discover, to touch, to feel this amazing new world we find ourselves in.  We pull things closer.  We shake things, turn them over and around, put them into our mouths, and giggle with pure joy at our discoveries.  And as any new parent knows, we will not be denied in our reaching.

When we tell young children to stop reaching, we break their connection to their natural state of exuberance.  When we stop reaching as adults, we stop learning and growing.  When we stop reaching, we become less interested in life—and less interesting to others.  We become less engaged and less engaging.

Inspiring people at work to reach beyond “normal” is fundamental to success.

The joy of discovery often fuels workplaces that push the boundaries of what is possible.  Staying connected to your natural state of exuberance benefits you, your colleagues and your organization.  Showing up enthusiastic and in a good mood makes a huge difference to the performance of your team.  Encouraging people to reach beyond the status quo nurtures a culture of exploration, innovation, and exuberance.

So are you still reaching?  Do you find ways—every day—to go beyond what has become “tried and true” for you?

Do you inspire others to reach as well?  Do you invite people to step out of their routines and ask questions that provoke new “a-ha’s”?  Questions that open up new ideas for experimentation and learning.  Questions that elicit a new spark among team members.

Where will you extend your reach today?