My friend, Carl Studna, is an amazing world-renowned photographer. He creates stunning intimate portraits that capture the “inner light” of his subjects. He recently shared with me that he has always been fascinated with light, and in particular, how a point of light illuminates the darkness. For him, exuberance is about being “lit up from the inside”.

Our “light” is a precious and powerful force. It is pure energy. It’s what makes our eyes shine. It draws people to us like a warm campfire, welcoming others to emerge from the darkness and join with us.

Taking care of our light is vital for living an inspired life. And for inspiring others.

Without proper daily care, our light can dim over time. The incessant blare of bad news can take the shine out of our eyes. Our relentless pursuit of “more, better, faster” without pausing to ask ourselves what truly matters can slowly take the spring out of our steps.

With enough coffee and “5 Hour ENERGY®”, we forge ahead through sheer will power and habit. For a while. But often at the cost of our light.

Paying attention to what keeps us shining is a first order priority.

What is truly worth our precious time and attention? What makes us laugh and smile? Who helps us be brave? What food—mental, spiritual, and physical—do we need to ingest each day?

Another friend, the incomparable writer Gay Hendricks, tells me, “You invent your life one choice at a time.” Every day, we have many chances to make choices that keep our light shining.

We can choose to start each day with a moment of gratitude for what we have. We can choose to greet the first person we meet with a smile. (This includes greeting ourselves in the mirror!) We can choose to love what it is we get paid to do. We can choose to see each problem as a chance to learn something.

Are you ready for an experiment?

For each situation you face today, ask yourself, “What action will help me—and those around me—shine more brightly?” Then go and do that.

I guarantee you a great day.