Welcome to The Exuberance Project’s inaugural conversation!

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With your help we are committed to spreading the conversation about Exuberance and creating more Exuberant Leaders and Exuberant Workplaces. Today, 85 million people work in just the top 2000 companies. Imagine the ripple effect if we could ignite a movement to shift the prevailing mood of those workplaces from fear to exuberance. We are dedicated to do just that and not just for the big corporations but for workplaces of all shapes and sizes.
The power of our moods and our ability to actually choose our mood is an under-appreciated aspect of leadership. How we live is how we lead. So mastering our moods is key to living the life we want as well as being the best leader we can be. Exuberance is like a super-mood; an overflowing positive energy that comes with a full embrace of life, with all the ups and downs. Exuberance leads to excellence.
To get us started, here is a link to an amazing story that is unfolding at Menlo Innovations, a software development firm in Ann Arbor, MI. Take a look at the new book, JOY, INC. written by Menlo’s CEO, Richard Sheridan. It’s a great read, a real-world story packed with ideas for organizing business around the principle of JOY in the workplace.  Imagine that!
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